Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Live Blog: Game 106 D-back @ Bucs

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Football Season Begins...Thank God

Steelers Training Camp begun today and it couldn't come soon enough. As much as i love baseball season nothing beats grown men pounding each other into oblivion.

The Steelers are coming off their 6th superbowl win and seem poised to not let the after effects get the best of them as they did in 2006. For the most part they are healthy and are returning 20 out of 22 starters from last season. They get back Rashard Mendenhall after he broke his shoulder early last season. Limas Sweed is 1 year older and knows the system better. Lawrence Timmins will replace Larry Foote at ILB(upgrade). Williams Gay takes over the #2 corner sport after losing Bryant Mcfadden to free agency. Probably the most anticipated return is that of punter Daniel Sepulveda after he tore his ACL before last season started. Our punting situation was an absolute mess last year

There will be some controversy this year again tho. Big Ben is in the midst of a civil suit for being accused of rape. The players say it doesn't worry them and it wont bother them but we wouldn't know if it did or not.

Ben is still just 27 years old. He was won 2 superbowls has been to 3 AFC championship games and has the most wins in his first 5 years as a starting QB ever. I expect big big things from Ben this year.

Santonio Holmes is now in his 4th year at WR and should be at his best this year. He showed us last year in the playoffs just what he is capable of. He is poised to have a breakout year and i see him having a 70+ catch 1,000 yard 10td season. He should take over as the steelers #1 wr option this year.

Willie Parker and Rashard Mendenhall will more than likely be splitting carries. Parker has his worst season a steeler last year. He only had 4 1oo yard games and missed games with injuries. Mendenhall was the steelers 1st round pick in 2008 and is a beast. Hes had a year to get to get to know the playbook and get acclimated to the nfl. He should be able to supplant Parker as the #1 back by the end of the year.

Cant we just enjoy baseball?

After 17 losing seasons i know its hard to say it but cant we all just enjoy baseball for what it is? A game. Most people have lost all hope for the Pirates as an organization and who can blame them? But whats happened to loving baseball. Whats happened to enjoying baseball for just being a game. Now everyone wants to win, including myself and i would give my left leg to see a playoff game in PNC. Remember when most of us were just trying to hit the ball and not the tee stand? We weren't worried about winning then, we were just happy to be playing something we loved.

Sometimes i think as fans we get to caught up in the things we have no idea about. None of us know what the Pirates front office is doing for sure. None of us know if they are truly intent on building a contender or just pocketing all they can get. Imagine being a player for the Pirates. Every day you go to the field wondering if your gonna have a job tomorrow. If there's actually going to be a crowd to play in front of. If people actually care.

Look at the cubs and Redsox. While the Sox have won 2 world series this decade they went 90 years without winning a ring. The Cubs haven't won since 1908, and yet these teams have the most passionate fan bases in all of baseball. Even though they usually fielded teams that could make the playoffs they aren't/weren't much different then the Pirates of the last 20 years.

No matter how hard it may for some Pirate fans, i think that everyone needs to just take a step back and calm down a little bit. We watch major league baseball for our enjoyment. We watch it because we love baseball. So why should we let us not winning ruin the passion and love we get from baseball. We shouldn't let the trades and broken promises break us as a fan. Relationships are a 2 way thing and right now neither is side is helping its cause.

PNC Park is probably the best stadium in all of baseball and yet no one is going to see it. Sure every now and then we get a 20,000 crowd every now and then. It gets a few sell outs a year. It should be sold out every night. Pirates tickets are some of the cheapest in baseball so its not like its going to kill people to go and see a game here and there. Its not like they are charging $1500 for tickets like the Yankees.

The Pirates were the 3rd team to join MLB in 1887. Only 2 teams have been around longer (Cubs and Braves). They have tradition no matter what some may think. They have more championships then 23 other teams with 5 while playing in 7 world series. We had Honus Wagner, Roberto Clemente, and Willie Stargell. We enjoyed the Lumber Company and the Barry Bonds era.

We as fans are allowing our team to slip into oblivion. Sure, you can blame the owner or the front office but its the fans that make a team relevant. Just because we don't win doesn't mean we shouldn't cheer and root on our team to win every single night. We shouldn't blame the players and hold it against them. They deserve to play in front of sold out crowds. Its not their fault they are put in the situation they are in. We shouldn't let the media and other fan bases dictate how pathetic our team is. We should be showing other teams what a fan really is. We should be showing the players that not matter what we support them for doing something none of us can do. We as Pirates fans need to enjoy baseball, find the love we have and give them everything we have. We can not let anyone take away the game we are passionate for. No matter how good or how bad we need to show that we care. I know I love this team thick and thin and I will always support them for playing the game I love. Where are the rest of you?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

10 days in review

After being sick for the past week and having my computer blow itself up multiple times I'm finally able to sit here and blog to you.

Adam Laroche gets traded.

Today during the Brewers-Pirates game, Adam Laroche was traded to the Boston RedSox for 2 mid level prospects. Now Neil being able to acquire 2 players for Laroche is a miracle in itself.

Adam has been horrible this year. Yea i know he usually sucks until the start of the 2nd half but the way he has produced has made his other years in Pittsburgh look like All-star seasons.

I liked Adam himself, he seemed like a good guy. He never rubbed me the wrong way until he picked up his batting helmet. I wish him the best of luck in Boston and hope he turns it around but i don't expect him to amount to much.

Some people see this just as a salary dump, which it more than likely is. Jason Bay was a salary dump. Freddy Sanchez will be salary dump.But its not a salary dump if the player isn't producing, its called taking out the trash. While not to many people dis agree with this trade/dump its hard to imagine Steve Pearce being the 1Bmen for the rest of this season. Who IMO is a bigger waste of space than Laroche was. The only difference is about 7 million dollars.

Garrett Jones should be at first base to replace Adam. but no, we get to see more free swinging and backwards K's. Lastings Milledge should be taking over in LF but again no, we get to hope and pray for our Major League Starting 1B to just make contact with the baseball.

I will say this about Niel, he doesn't seem to want any players who were brought here by Dave Littlefield and he doesn't seem to have a lot of patience for Littlefields players. So hopefully this Steve Pearce siting is just short notice until Lastings is fully healthy and capable of roaming LF.

The Pens Sign Goalie Brent Johnson.

The Pens signed goalie FA Brent Johnson to a 1 year deal worth 530k. Johnson is believed to battle Curry for the final backup goalie spot but I'm pretty sure this job is just Johnsons now.

I think this is a great pick up for Ray Shero. Johnson is more than capable of being a backup and much better then Garon and his 1.1 million we had last year.

Johnson is 32 years old and has played in 247 career games in his 9 seasons. He has a Record of 111-94-13-12 2.63 GAA and a .903%SP.

He started his Career in St. Louis before being traded to Phoenix in 2004. Then signed as a FA to back up Olie Kolzig in Washington before the 2005 season.

This signing leaves the Pens with 1.63 million left in salary cap. Its believed that Shero is still trying to work out deals with other teams to try and shed some salary. I sorta expect that Dupuis and Godard will be gone before the season starts.

Jack and Freddy tell Front Office to Shove it.

A few days ago Pirates fans were stunned to hear that the Front Office wanted to try and extend the contracts of Freddy Sanchez and Jack Wilson.

Well the excitement didn't even last 24 hours. The Pirates offered Jack a 2 year 8 million extension. Then offered Freddy a 2 year 10 million extension.

While the offer to Jack Wilson seems more than fair the offer to freddy was beyond low ball. So what did Jack and Freddy do? They said a big "Fuck You". Now they didn't quite put it like that. but its pretty much what i would have done. Freddy is set to make 8 million next year alone, so why would he buy that out only to take a 6 million dollar pay cut the 2nd year.

Now both players say they still wanna try and work something out, but its not gonna happen. They will both be shopped vigorously until the trade deadline. There might not be much of a market for Jack, but someone is going to want Freddy.

Ian Snell is Still a Douchebag.

After 5 impressive starts in AAA Indy. Ian Snell refused to be called up to replace Vergil Vasquez. He said he didn't wanna be apart of the Pirates team anymore and wanted to remain in AAA.

Now in all seriousness. What the kind of loser wants to stay in AAA instead of playing in the Major Leagues. Is he that much of head case that he cant take the criticism of all 12,000 pirate fans when he pitches. WTF does he think is gonna happen if he gets traded to a winning team? Does he think that all is well and other fans don't BOO bad players? Does he think other locker rooms and new teammates will ignore him when he throws them under the bus? What kind of city is Ian Snells kind of city anyway? How much douchebag can 1 person have in them?

This kid has so much talent but has no heart what so ever. He has no brain and no respect to go along with that hole in his chest. I know the Pirates suck, but they have to be better than playing for a last place AAA team. If he prefers all night bus rides, crappy hotels and groupies with herpes and no teeth then by all means Ian, get yours.

Don't hate the Playa, Hate the...

Earlier in the week Big Ben was charged with Sexual Assault. Apparently some girl doesn't appreciate the fact that Big Ben was allowing her to try out as his new center.

yea i know that's wrong, but this chick is a headcase. there's not much in details i can give for this but this bitch is just crazy. This problem will resolve itself and Ben will be fine. I fully expect nothing to happen and this chick be locked up in the loony bin for bein a dumb bitch.

Quick Minor league Round About

Lasting Milledge was named player of the week and has been tearing the ball of the cover in AAA Indy. Hes batting .400 with an On base % of .511.

Pedro Alverez finally seems like he is becoming comfortable in AA. Hes raised his BA from .250 to .280. Hes hitting over .338 the past week. and hes only striking out about once a game instead of 2-3x a game.

Jose tabata has been a machine lately. Hes raised his BA to .297. He has hit safely in something like 17 out of 18 games. he is also batting over .400 for the past 10 games.

These 3 players are just great to see preforming like that have been. I expect Milledge to be called up soon. Tabata and Alverez MIGHT get moved up to AAA before the seasons out just to give them a taste. I'm pretty sure tho they will finish the season in AA and start in AAA next season tho.

1 last thing.

Jason Kendall is a fuckin turd nugget.

Dave Kerwin would whoop his ass any day.

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Zach duke gets all star nod

After Matt Cain got hit with a line drive last night, Zach Duke was chosen to be his replacement in the 2009 all-star game to join teammate Freddy Sanchez.

Duke was chosen over Braves ace Jair Jurrjens and Brewers ace Yovani Gallardo. Now some might see this as a bush league choice by Charlie Manual to take Duke over talent such as them, but people dont see what Duke really has done this year.

Duke is 8-8 with a 3.29 ERA 1.21 WHIP 65k:32BB.
Hes 4th in innings pitched with 126 innings. Tied for 1st with 3 complete games(2 of which were losses). Duke has been nothing short of a horse for this Pirates team and is pitching the best since his rookie campaign.

Dukes record doesn't reflect just how good hes been this season. In his 18 starts 13 of them were quality starts. In his 8 losses the Pirates offense got a total of 10 runs. He has reached the 6th inning all but once this year and has gotten to the 7th or later in 11 starts. Hes tied for 3rd in double plays with 15 while sporting a .94/1 groundball/flyball ratio. Duke deserves this all-star nod just as much as the next person but being a Pirate may have hindered an all-star spot from the get go.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

little issues

i have encountered a little problem with my desktop and it wont be fixed until Tuesday. i will have some updates from time to time just maybe not everyday.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Doumit to rejoin team

Jen Langosch reports that Ryan Doumit will rejoin the Pirates tonight for the final series of the 1st half against the Phildelphia Phillies. It looks like Robinzone Diaz will be the extra catcher that is sent down.

Having Doumit back adds much more to the pirates lineup. He does hit for more power than JJ/Diaz, better batting average and after working with Joe Kerrigan in the off season seemed to handle the pitching staff rather well before his injury.

Now who knows if Doumit can stay healthy the rest of the year because health is always an concern with him. Adding a catcher who has the ability to hit .315 20hr power and leadership always helps out a team. Its also up in the air what his place in the lineup will be with the erratic changed that John Russell makes on a nightly bases. This should tho drop everyone down 1 spot into a more comfortable role. Also adding Freddy Sanchez back tonight will drop Jack back into his 8th spot. I don't know for sure if Freddy is playing tonight it was just speculation that he would be ready for tonights game.